Wartime Participation

Wartime Participation

Between 350,000 to 500,000 Jews fought for The Soviet Union in World War II. Approximately 200,000 to 250,000 gave their lives. Soviet Jews were not geographically confined and came from all walks of life making the Jewish soldiers representative of the country’s population. They served in virtually every part of The Red Army. Though the Communist Party theoretically outlawed religion, they catalogued citizens by ethnicity which included Judaism. This meant unlike the other allied armies, Jewish soldiers were officially identified. Some scholars argue Jewish people were the second most decorated ethnic group during World War II, despite an escalation in antisemitic policy in the post war period when most medals were awarded.

Veterans Interviewed Served As Follows :


Sheil Barkin heavy machine gunner, Yakov Chudnovsky anti aircraft gunner, Zinovi Feigin radio operator and paratrooper, Beniamin Frumkin engineer, Yakov Gelfandbein paratrooper and assistant battery commander, Nikolai Golosarski anti aircraft artillery, Shulim Grinberg anti air force gunner and mechanic, Eugene Kats heavy machine gunner, Issak Kogan submachine gunner, Yakov Krenin Katyosha rocket platoon commander, Shelma Mushkat artillery commander, Semyon Perlamutrov anti tank artillery, Yakov Perlamutrov machine gunner, Valentin Rabinovich altitude and range estimator in anti aircraft battalion, Zinoviy Rovner Junior Sergeant, Radio Operator in Artillery Unit, Lev Shneider rifleman Battle of Stalingrad Platoon Commander and Signal Officer

Tank Division:

David Fisherman tank mechanic and driver, Philip Potiyevsky armoured vehicle driver, Yakov Rats tank repair instructor, Anatoly Schwartzman tank operator 2nd Belarusian front, Vladimir Shechtman tank driver Belarusian front, Aleksey Shtern Sergeant Major in tank unit

Air Force:

Isaak Budnitski sergeant aviation regiment, Iosif Kabanovski flight navigator, Arkadi Novokolsky pilot and engineer- assisted in inventing a new reconnaissance camera, Leonid Sheinker air force engineer and gunner, Grigory Svirsky air force mechanic and gunner, Yevgeniy Vesyoly mechanic Normandie-Nieman Regiment


Victor Perchuk Served on ‘Marina Roskova’ navy engineer and minesweeper

Doctors, Nurses, Medics, Administration:

Efim Feldman paramedic, Nina Goldstein orphanage support, Nina Korovkina surgeon, Fira Leikina field hospital admin, Zinoviy Ovsey surgeon, Sima Vesyoly nurse,


Issak Ashmian bridge construction, Mark Bas motorcycle division, Moisei Chernoguz communication and command of convict unit, Lazar Chukhovich sniper, Leonid Feldman communications group leader Grigori Genin platoon commander Riffle division, Yurii Iakren mobilized infantry, Boris Khaykin infantry, Liya Liberova sergeant anti aircraft defense of Leningrad, Alexei Litvachuk communications, Lev Nevler radio and artillery operator, Efim Perlych infantry, Grigori Voiler Rifleman, Radio Operator, Isaak Zarembo private 43rd Latvian Guards Division, Iosif Zibenberg private in communications platoon in armoured landing division (paratrooper)


Mikhail Bass Bellarus partisan, Eugene Kats Polish Partisan, Anna Khalyavskaya Bellarus partisan, Lev Pikus Bellarus partisan, Noah Shneidman Front Line Infantry – Polish Partisans

Political Officers:

Boris Kravitz investigator in German POW camps – in charge of finding Nazis and charging with war crimes.

Ghetto Survivor:

Fira Oussatinski

Child Survivors:

Abram GamerZinovi Rogov Child During Siege Of Leningrad, Berta Tsirkina Siege Of Leningrad Survivor.