Battle of Prague

Battle of Prague

May 6 – 11 1945

Medals: Medal For Capture of Prague

Veterans who participated: Isaak Ashmian,  Nina Goldstein,  Iosif Zibenberg

The battle for Prague lasted from May 6-11th 1945. German forces in Czechoslovakia continued fighting 3 days after the official surrender. The Prague Uprising began on May 5th when The Czech Resistance, prompted by American forces entering Plzen and the Nazi’s inevitable defeat in Berlin, launched an attack on the occupying Germans.
Members of the Czech Resistance celebrate their liberation

The Soviet Union and The Western Allies both wanted control of Czechoslovakia after the war and it seemed whoever controlled Prague would hold the country. Stalin recalled Marshall Ivan Konev’s 1st Ukrainian Front from Berlin to lead The Soviet attack on Prague, hoping to ensure the Czechoslovakia would be part of the Eastern Block after the war. Though The Red Army never formally worked with the resistance, German forces in Czechoslovakia were stretched thin dealing with the uprising and concurrent Soviet invasion. The Germans signed a surrender agreement on May 7th that went into effect on the 9th. German forces in Czechoslovakia continued to resist until the 11th though the city had been under Soviet control for several days.
Prague citizens and Red Army soldiers during the victory parade May 30 1945