Battle of Berlin

Battle of Berlin

April 16 – May 2 1945

Medals: Medal For Capture of Berlin

Veterans who participated: Yakov Krenin,  Leonid Sheinker,  Noah Shneidman,  Yevgeniy Vesyoly

The war’s last major offensive lasted from April 16th to May 2nd 1945. German forces collapsed inward to hold the city centre, leading to urban combat similar to The Battle of Stalingrad. By this time, The German Army was severely depleted filling out ranks with those who were considered too young or too old for combat only months earlier.
Volkstrum: Berlin residents considered unfit for military service throughout the war, organized into makeshift units just before the Battle of Berlin.

The Red Army captured The Reichstag (German Parliament) on April 30th. Unable to escape, The Germans surrendered on May 2nd. Some soldiers continued fighting until the formal end of the war on May 8th and others moved west to surrender to The Western Allies instead of The Red Army.
Red Army soldiers pose in front of the Reichstag